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celebrate the joys of Christmas with FOOD THRILLS

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Why is the Xmas menu slightly more expensive than the year round options?

Unfortunately, Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this year, which means the wages for our Christmas elves will be double that of a regular day.

Can I order the other items of your menu that I usually order alongside the Christmas menu?

No, unfortunately we do not have this option available as we work with a limited menu for Christmas Eve.

How much cooking do I need to do on the day?

All food is 95% ready to go. Some dishes require a small amount of heating and assembly. We will provide all instructions required.

When do I need to pay by?

All payment is required by Monday 18 December, we cannot take payment when you pick up on the day.

How do you take payment? I've sent through my order but it didn't ask for payment. 

Once we have received your order we will send through an invoice within 1-2 business days. You can pay via bank transfer or online via credit card.


Food that requires heating will be packed in foil trays which can go straight into the oven.

Salads will be packed in disposable boxes which are easy to transport.

Will my salad stay fresh?

The herbs, garnishes and dressings are packed separately so it will all stay fresh for when you are ready to enjoy!

How much food should I order for my family to enjoy?

Let us know how many people you are catering for when completing the order form above and we can guide you on quantities. Or send an email to and our team will be in touch.

Can you cater for those with allergies?

Yes, we can cater to different allergies dependent on the dish. Please send us an email ( and we can address any allergy related questions.

Should I let you know if I'm running late for my pick up?

Yes, please let us know if you are running late for pick up. We run a very tight schedule for pick up on the day as we are very busy.

Will your cafe be open on Christmas Eve?

Yes, our cafe will be open on Christmas Eve with some fun Christmas specials and coffees for you to enjoy.

Why do you not have seafood on the menu this year?

unfortunately our supplier is not providing delivery this year, as it is a Sunday. However if you can make it to the fish markets, we suggest Nicholas Seafood, if you're not keen to cross the bridge, then Willoughby Seafood is the best.

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